Accent-Tel USA

(800) 396-6683

24 Hour / 7 Day Sales & Technical Support
​​*Professional support & installation available by one of our referred professional and courteous Contractor/Partner/Installers in your local area*

****We insure that all of our referred Contractor/Partner/Installers are Licensed in the County or State where services are to be performed and carry the required business insurance coverage including workers compensation as mandated by the county, state or specified project*****

Ask about our 5 Year Parts Warranty 
Accent Tel Provides Support for scheduled, routine maintenance. Both on site and / or remote services are available. We also provide Urgent response by filling out the form below or calling (800) 396 - 6683
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1-Your Name 
2-Company Name 
3-Telephone number 
4-Description of your service request

& a support representative will get back to you in 1 Hour or less.

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