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NEC SL2100
Expands to 256 ports includes a 5 year Parts Warranty

NEC uMobility WiFi Client: 
This is a state of the art SIP application that connects a supported smart phone to the SL2100 over the customer’s WiFi network.
This solution provides a user with a SIP softphone for the iPhone®, Android™ phone, or Blackberry® phone. The following functions are allowed:
Answer incoming calls to the associated SL2100 system directly from the smartphone.
Make calls from the smart phone using the SL2100 system’s outside lines, masking your personal cell phone number.
Use the smart phone through WiFi at the office, at home, or at a public hotspot (VPN is required).
Hold and transfer calls to other stations in the SL2100.
Access the SL2100 voice mail from the smart phone.
The NEC uMobility Client requires a no-charge “app” from the associated app store and an SL2100 3rd-Party SIP Station License (p/n 1100089). Each uMobility station uses an SL2100 IP station port, and therefore the system must be equipped with a VoIP Daughter Board.
For example, this is an image of the NEC uMobility iPhone® app at the Apple store:

Refer to the NEC SL2100 Features and Specifications Manual for details, including a listing of tested smart phones and the OS required for each.

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