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What is Hosted PBX / VoIP
Using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) via our Hosted PBX telephone systems combines the two most used tools of business world today, the phone and Internet into a single communications platform that delivers the best of both worlds. 

Offering a turnkey, managed solution, Hosted VoIP & Data requires no upfront capital expense, is easy to use, is highly scalable and provides our Customers with the last phone system they ever need.

Hosted PBX & VoIP brings a big business phone system to businesses in a low-cost managed service offering. Leveraging the Internet by using VoIP technology in conjunction with Broadsoft’s state-of-the-art network, businesses can efficiently use one connection for all communication needs. Our providers fully manage and
maintain this service and there are no up-front capital costs for our Customer.

Hosted PBX & VoIP offers a “big business” phone system in a low-cost VoIP service. It replaces more cost prohibitive and less flexible PBX phone systems, eliminating ongoing maintenance and operating costs. 

Additionally, by integrating both voice and data communications over a single network, the requirement for multiple connections and multiple providers is removed.

Voip features allow you to work remotely, set up custom greetings and monitor departmental calls, to name a few. They give your company the ability to look and operate most professionally, to service those that matter the most – your customers.

Business-Class Features• Call Conference (3 Way Calling) 
• Virtual Receptionist 
• Customizable Music on Hold 
• Set Caller ID 
• Online Backup and Storage 

Efficiency Tools and Plug-Ins• Call Groups and Queues
• Call Monitoring
• Company Call Recording 
• Paperless Fax 
• Conference Bridges for 30 
• Toll Free Numbers 
• CRM Integration 
• + many many more! 

Mobility and Teleworking• Mobile Apps for Android and iPhone
• Multiple Devices on One Ext. 
• Never Miss A Call
• Voicemail to Email 
• Call Continuity

Included Features:

Admin Portal
Created just for account managers, a dedicated portal that lets you control all functions of your phone system.
Call Announce
Call Announce whispers an audible version of the custom tag to you before the call is connected.
Call Conference (Three-way Calling)
Add a second outgoing call to an already connected call.
Call Continuity
Call Continuity from Vonage makes sure that you’ll never have VoIP service interruption – even if the power goes out.
Call Forwarding
Redirect calls to your mobile or other phone so you won’t miss any calls.
Call Hold
Easily put a call on hold while you answer another call.
Call Logs
Provides detailed business VoIP call records by extension or account.
Call Park
“Park” a call in a “spot” and have the call retrieved by another extension on the account.
Call Pass
Transfer calls that were taken on your cell phone using Never Miss Call settings back to your desk phone without interruption.
Call Screening
Know who’s calling before you answer. Send the call to voicemail or transfer it away before you ever speak to the caller.
Call Transfer
Attended Transfer (alert forwarding party before transfer) & Blind Transfer (transfer the call directly).
Call Waiting
Be notified when someone else is trying to call if you are already on a call.
Caller ID Block
Block your caller ID from being displayed on outbound calls.
Caller ID
Know who’s calling before you answer.
Cell Phone Integration
Forward calls to cell phones and use VoIP functions from cell phones.
Click to Call Me
Embed a button in to your webpage or email signature that provides your customers with a quick and easy way to contact you.
Click To Dial
Seamlessly integrate Vonage VoIP service with your Web Browser and Out dial and initiate calls with Click-to-Dial.
Cloud PBX
Because Vonage’s VoIP service and features are hosted in the cloud, there’s no equipment to buy.
Custom Tagging
Easily identify origin of incoming calls by adding a unique tag to each published phone number.
Provides real time status of all extensions within your cloud PBX.
Directory Assistance (411)*
Directory Assistance (411) is an included VoIP feature from Vonage that allows you to gather information from listings.
Do Not Disturb
Callers go directly to voicemail when you don’t want to be disturbed.
Dynamic Caller ID
Present any phone number on your account as your outbound caller ID.
Emergency Assistance (911)
Set an address for individual extensions or your entire account so that responders know where to send help in the event of an emergency.
Follow Me
Calls can be forwarded to multiple numbers that will ring in a designated sequence.
Local Number Portability (LNP)
Keep an existing phone number by porting it from your current provider.
Multiple Devices on One Extension
You can use up to three different phones on the same Vonage extension.
Music on Hold
Vonage customers have the option of uploading their own music or customized recording.
Never Miss a Call
Never Miss a Call allows you to customize VoIP call settings so that you always stay connected no matter where you are.
Outlook Integration
Outlook Integration is a seamless way for Vonage users to integrate Outlook with their business VoIP phone system.
Set Caller ID
Select any number on your account that you would like to appear as your caller ID.
Simultaneous Ring
Configure your cell phone or other type of desk phone to ring as soon as a call comes in.
Seven-Digit Dialing
Set a default area code for your VoIP extension or account and make numbers in that location even easier to dial.
User Portal
End-users configure and manage their own business VoIP service through an easy-to-use Web interface.
Unified Inbox
Manage your voice, fax, and email messages from a single inbox in your email client.
Virtual Receptionist
The Vonage Virtual Receptionist is a free feature included with every Unlimited Extension account that streamlines efficiency for your business.
Vonage Mobile
FREE apps for iPhone and Android devices that give you access to voicemail, account settings, and more. 
Vonage Online Backup and Storage
Vonage customers automatically have access to 2 GBs of storage on our cloud networking server.
VoIP Voicemail is a cloud PBX voicemail feature that allows you to securely check your messages from anywhere, even online.
Voicemail to Email
Receive voicemail as an .mp3 file (audio file) attached to email.
Work from Anywhere
The work-from-anywhere feature of Vonage’s business phone service allows employees to stay connected no matter where they are.

Add-On Features 

Call Group
Calls can be forwarded to multiple extensions that will ring simultaneously.
Call Monitoring 
Find out about how this training feature can improve employee performance
Call Queue 
Incoming calls are placed in a call queue until they can be answered.
Company Call Recording Services
Automatically record company phone calls and save them securely. Basic service includes 500 hours of recording time.
Conference Bridge
Set up a conference call with up to 30 people using a pre-assigned call-in number.
Local Number 
Portray a local presence in any additional market by publishing a local phone number in any area code.
Main Company Number 
This number is attached to the main Virtual Receptionist to allow incoming callers to reach the appropriate department or individual by selecting an option from a menu.
On-Demand Call Recording .
Record what you want, when you want. Basic extension recording service includes 15 hours of recording time.
Paging Group 
Broadcast an announcement to your entire team – or just those paging groups you’ve selected.
Paperless Fax 
Paperless Fax lets you send and receive faxes without a fax machine.
Toll Free Number 
Toll Free Numbers allow you to be reached by anyone in the US and Canada without the caller incurring any long distance charges.
Virtual Mailbox 
Used to gather voicemail messages for a particular function or for employees that do not need full phone service.
Voicemail Transcription 
Our automated system transcribes voicemails and sends you an email with the text of each message.

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