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About Accent-Tel USA

Accent-Tel provides a one stop vendor solution for all of your office voice, internet and telecom needs thanks to the convergence of voice and data. 

We are in the business of providing Traditional Telephones and Hosted PBX as well as voice and data network carrier solutions over a reliable network that is proven to be the best solution to connect your business to the rest of the world. 

Although we can save you money because rates have dropped, it is not just about saving money anymore. The days of having multiple telecom vendors and several phone bills are over. 

Our goal is: to show you how to acquire new telephones for about the same amount you are paying your current telephone provider.

Voice over IP technology is the here and now. Dial tone as you know it has been revolutionized. Ask us more about how you can converge your office voice and data communications leveraging the internet to save your company money, reducing the cost of your telephone lines and long distance.

Technologies are constantly being enhanced. Do not overpay for your office telecom & network solutions. Please call us for a 5 minute appointment by phone or in person for a no obligation bill review. 

In this economy, you owe it to your company and your bottom line to re evaluate the most important part of your business, your Telephones and Communications to the rest of the of all you may qualify for new office telephones in the process.